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Connecting Communities to UCLA (CCU) is a multi-faceted program established in 2007 to bring together the greater community of Los Angeles and UCLA. Connecting Communities serves to enhance the relationship between UCLA and its neighbors, including community groups, faith based organizations, and local schools.  In fostering a dynamic and active exchange between the University and its neighbors, CCU strives to provide communities with the resources necessary to empower them to plan and build today for a better future.

By offering a variety of programs, special events, and resources, CCU looks to facilitate college access and matriculation amongst local youth, as well as cultivate leadership skills and a commitment towards community service.     

CCU experiences are educational and informative, but also provide numerous opportunities for engagement and fun.  Programs and events address relevant issues and themes such as a Parent/Child Weekend, Education and The Church, Career Day, and Females in Math and Science, as well as many others.    

Participants have come from all across Los Angeles County, and have included parents and their children, as well as groups from neighboring communities, faith based organizations, colleges and universities, and students from local underserved elementary, junior high, and high schools.

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